Hawaiian Adventure Day Four

October 2, 2015

Today’s adventure in paradise probably would not be defined as much of an adventure at all. Seeing as how this was my final full day at the ranch, I wanted to spend the day soaking it all in for the last time. Four days gone….poof…just like that. But wow…what a great four days it was! I didn’t sleep well. I was up at 3am, then again at 5:30 am and the second time I just stayed up. Instead of venturing out to check out more of the North Shore, I plopped my booty on a lounge chair inside the pool and remained there for several hours. Wine time started at 10:15 a.m. followed by some kind of vodka, pineapple & cranberry juice that I concocted for myself. At least I’d started the day out right with a banana and oatmeal for breakfast.


I’d have never forgiven myself if I didn’t indulge in the Tradewinds Ranch pool. Just Oh….my…..GAWD this thing is magnificent. Better than any hotel pool because it’s completely private. I sunned a little, swam a little, sunned a little, swam a little, fell asleep a little, swam a little, all while taking in the scenery surrounding this place of beauty.

20151002_085616 20151002_085409 20151002_08100220151002_100737

Now for the fun part of the day an English gentleman by the name of Dom brought out his drone and put it up into the sky. He captured a few photos for my keepsake. Here is the very cool drone.


This photo is of just a portion of the property. Incredible, isn’t it?


This photo shows the main house and the pool area.


And, if you look closely, you’ll see me in my chair, right there in the middle of that tile square, happily enjoying my chill time in the pool. Could this BE any cooler???!!!!


Here’s a close up. So so so fun!



Somewhere around 2:00 I finally moseyed up to my residence to take a bath and rest a little before heading out for a while. This little guy sat outside my window while I bathed. I’ve heard of a peeping Tom but never a peeping lizard.

20151002_131915-1 20151002_131828

I stopped at Fine Ass Coffee and Chocolates to pick up a few yummies, then stopped at a roadside beach area to take one final walk along the North Shore beaches. Beautiful….simply beautiful.


20151002_151454 20151002_151826 IMG_20151002_150347

This poor guy didn’t make it.


And here are just a few more random pics of the farm friends and my buddy Woofer, who was waiting for me at the end of the driveway tonight as I made my way to the main house tonight for dinner.

20151002_074855 20151002_07495920151002_170523

Tomorrow, I’ll be saying goodbye to this wonderful place I’ve called home the last four days. Thinking about it makes me cry. Don’t get me wrong. Oh my goodness….I am BEYOND grateful for this experience, this home, the main home, the barn, the people, the animals, the pool, the weather…ALL OF IT!! And all of the above is what makes it so very hard to leave.

But the fun isn’t over. Part II of my vacation begins tomorrow as I fly to Kauai to meet up with my daughter Samantha and other family members (who are already there) for another seven days of paradise. These three will be there waiting for me when I arrive. Let the beauty and goodness continue!



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