Hawaiian Adventure Day Two

September 30, 2015

Here at Tradewinds Ranch the roosters begin their harmonizing “Cock-a-doodle-doo’s” quite early in the morning. So although I’m doing my very best to chillax and be in vacation mode, they remind me to get up and start seizing the day. So I do…sort of. I get up, make some coffee, and then crawl back into bed to enjoy the sounds of trees, roosters, birds…and the beating of my own heart as a reminder that this is all really happening.

Wednesday’s adventure started with a slow rising. I wanted to just enjoy having nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one asking me to do a single thing. I puttered around the big house I’m in and had a simple breakfast of granola bars and a banana. Did I mention the house sits right up against a jungle? Yeah…so I sat in the bathtub for a while and savored the moment. This is my bathtub view.


Once I was finally up and dressed I just hopped in the Jeep and drove. I didn’t really know where I was going. I was interested in seeing Banzai Pipeline in hopes of watching surfers engaging with giant 7 ft. waves. So that was the direction me and Big Red went (“Big Red” – my Hawaiian adventure Jeep buddy).

One of the best things about traveling alone is impromptu deciding of when and where you want to go. I saw a golf course and a hotel in the distance and at that very moment I chose to turn into the long driveway. I arrived at Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, HI. I parked the car, walked to the beach, saw rocks….and headed that direction. Since I was a child I’ve loved walking on beach rocks and this particular set of rocks was calling my name. The waves crashing up against the rocks, the crabs crawling in and out of their hiding places and the feeling of glee when I reach the end is what thrills me. What can I say? Just beautiful!

20150930_111923 IMG_070620150930_111434


Let me back up a second here. When they tell you not to text and drive…here on the north east side of the island, they aren’t kidding. At times, the road, quite literally, is one bad move away from you and your vehicle driving into the ocean. I had to stop and pull over just to take a photo of what I’m looking at while driving. Talk about the need to stay focused!! How does one stay focused with the beautiful emerald ocean and crashing waves as my driving neighbor?

20150930_103838 20150930_103913

About this time it’s lunch time and my tummy was getting grumbly. I found myself in a rather large shopping and eating area called Hale’iwa Town. Stopped and had an amazing Slaw Burger from Teddy’s Bigger Burger (sorry..I didn’t take a picture of that…ha ha!) then went on my merry way. I had NO interest in shopping at that time. After my recent move into my new home, the last thing I need in my life is more trinkets.

Moving onward, I found the tiny little turn off that led me to Banzai Pipeline. Can I just say that these adventures are made WAAAAY easier with the use of Google Maps. This area was literally a tiny little parking lot with maybe 20 spaces and had I blinked I would have missed the turn off. I think I sat there for over an hour just watching the big waves and the surfers. At one point I fell asleep to the sound of those crashing waves. That sound is nature’s sleeping pill!


It was starting to get a little late and I knew I needed to stop and get a little work done. So I won’t bore you with that part. Work is work….but let me just say that even though I’m on vacation and need to put in a little time, it’s the work that affords me these kinds of opportunities in life. So…it’s all good!!!! Besides, this was my view while I worked.


Once the sun sets, my home at Tradewinds Ranch gets pitch black DARK!! So unlike my first night here when I got back long after the sun went down, today I came back while it was still light outside. I walked down to the main house (where my hosts live) and ate dinner with the owner, Dave, and a couple of his friends. Wife Cheryl was out painting with friends so I missed seeing her. While we ate, Dave told me to choose whatever I wanted from here.  Life is good people…life is good.


I was starting to get really sleepy and wanting to head back to my humble abode for sleep. But before I called it a night I met their pet cow Woofer. They have had her since she was a calf, bottle-feeding her to a healthy life. She is now eight months old and weighs somewhere around 350 pounds. She LOVED me. She loved me so much she wanted to play…but when a 350 pound cow wants to play that means she butts you with that hard thing on the top of head and practically pushes you over. I was low-key a little freaked out, but laughing at the same time. I managed to get my picture taken with her, but immediately after this photo was taken, she started pounding on me again with her head. One of the gentleman there had to literally hold her back so I could safely get back to the house. She wanted to charge…and as you know…I can’t run very well anymore. Good lord I felt like a pathetic city girl in that moment. My heart was RACING!! Can you imagine the headlines? “Vacationing Cali Girl Playfully Trampled by Cow to a Tragic Death.” Ha ha ha ha…too much!

She is so adorable though!!!!


It was a great day. Thank you for reading!


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