Hawaiian Adventure Day One

September 29, 2015

For the first four days of my vacation I am traveling completely alone. Hubs couldn’t take off work and it’s never a good idea to take your kids out of school for 12 days. So…here I am in beautiful Oahu. After a fine trip on Hawaiian Airlines and lucking into an awesome red Jeep as my rental, I arrived at Tradewinds Ranch, my home for the next four days. It’s pretty awesome here. I have a three-bedroom, three-bath, two kitchen house all to myself and I am surrounded by jungle. Literally. When the lady brought me into the house to show me where’d I’d be, I couldn’t help but start crying. I’ve been working a LOT the last year and when I arrived here and saw what was being offered to me, I just let out all of my emotion and felt an amazing amount of gratitude deep in my core. The lady just hugged me and said, “Go ahead girl…let the tears flow. I’m a crier too.” ha ha…we had a nice laugh and that was that.

I spent the next several hours driving in my cool Jeep to the North Shore where it was recommended I go and watch the sunset. I walked, I talked to myself, I sat, I listened to the ocean, I took a ton of pictures, I got totally soaked by the rainfall (which I just sat in and allowed it to drench me) and to top it all off, I was lucky enough to watch a quick little sunset wedding. I couldn’t have orchestrated a more perfect afternoon.

Driving home in the dark, I stopped at a local grocery store, picked up some coffee, oatmeal, granola bars and bananas (basic essentials) and turned into my bed for the night with the sounds of wind in the trees and rainfall lulling me to sleep. Perfection.

This is a photo of the road leading to the house I’m staying in.


This is the house!


This is the road leading away from the house.


These are some of my friends for the next four days.

20150930_095054 20150930_095109-1 20150930_063232-1

Many of you already saw my ride….


And I’m pretty dang stoked about it too. 🙂


Drove to the North Shore to watch the sunset.


And after a downpour on the beach in which I got soaked, I was gifted to witness a sunset wedding. That was pretty cool.


Did I mention the coconut tree right outside my balcony?



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  1. You deserve this piece of heaven!


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