I do not consider myself a religious person even though I was raised in the Lutheran church (and school) during my formative years and into adulthood. I now tend to concentrate less on doctrine and rules and more on simply love, kindness and direct communication with God. I use the term God because it’s the strongest word out there (in my opinion) for spirit and universal power. I struggle with prayer because I don’t want to communicate with God in a pleading or asking kind of way. I simply want the guidance. I want to feel the answers are coming, I want to know I’m okay right where I am, and believe that everything I need will come to me at the perfect time. My prayers tend to be more along the lines of “Hey God…can we chat for a bit?” To be honest with you though, when there are challenges in front of me, I do tend to ask for change or strength to get through them. I think that’s probably okay as long as I’m not also asking for cars and jewelry. And I don’t because I’m not that shallow.

I had something come into my life recently that blindsided me completely. I swear to you I would have bet on the life of my children that nothing like this could happen. That is how certain I was! But then it happened and the situation completely derailed me for an entire day. I was faced with self-doubt, feeling insignificant, feeling worn out, unnecessary and yesterday’s news. Which then lead to, “Why should I even bother anymore?”

Rather than dwell in my pity party, I immersed myself in videos that I’ve been meaning to watch but didn’t make the time for. One of those videos was a message from SARK (whom I would just love to sit with sometime and eat cookies together) and the other was from Marie Forleo and her interview with Marianne Williamson. I’ve never read anything from Marianne before, but I know many who have read and enjoyed her books immensely. The interview was from her book called “The Law of Divine Compensation”. While I’m not here to discuss the interview, what I did want to share was the prayer at the end. The entire reason I started this blog post with where I am in the prayer arena is the purpose for this post……to share this prayer.

The event that blindsided me had to do with my work, so when I heard this prayer, I knew it was communication from the Divine that I needed to hear. Because it was so powerful I listened and transcribed the prayer to refer back to. It’s a lesson for me in allowing and determining the attitude I will take when things don’t go the way I want them to. Will I give up? Will I quit? Will I take it in stride and try again, or try something else? Can I allow something outside of myself to perhaps show me another way? Can I really believe something better is coming? I think for the next few days I will use this prayer to open myself up to whatever spirit is trying to show me. It won’t be easy or pleasant because I like to be in control…..and maybe that in itself is the lesson. I don’t know. But my heart, mind and hands are open to wherever I’m supposed to be led. Now if it could just happen before the end of business day that would be great.

The prayer went like this…….

Dear God,

For all of us who are joined here we place in your hands our burdens and our questions and our responsibilities. We place in your hands our debts and we place in your hands our assets. We place in your hands our fears about money and work and we place in your hands our visions and our prayers and our hopes for money and work. In this and in all things, Dear God, we pray to be lifted to the highest level of divine order. May we be who you would have us be that we might do what you would have us do. May our work in the world, Dear God, be more than just a job.  May it be a calling as each of us now surrender ourselves and ask that we be used by you, that whatever we do, it be a conduit for the love that uplifts all things. May the brilliance and the genius that is your spirit within us move through us in collaboration with the genius moving through everyone else to create the most beautiful world.  And so it is together we say….Amen.”

Amen. Now on with the duty of living, trusting and faith that all is well. And we may as well pray to a funky little beat while we’re at it.



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