Gossip is Damaging to Everyone


I won’t go into details about the prompting of this post. But suffice it to say, one thing happened with one person a long time ago, and from there the story took on a life of its own. I believe there are perceptions about me that are so off base it makes my head spin. I can handle the criticism because I know my own heart, I am aware of my mistakes and I’ve learned lessons as a result of my choices. But when the stories and gossip begins to hurt people I love because they associate with me then it becomes hurtful. So as a reminder to myself, and hopefully to others who read this, perhaps if we have questions about something we can make an effort to go to the source for clarification, instead of continuing to take a fairy-tale of a story or misunderstanding and perpetuating it into something larger than life. It’s one more step towards kindness.

Let’s begin…..

Remember the game of operator you played as a child?
In the game of operator kids sit in a circle and repeat what was just said until it gets to the last player in the circle, who then says what was heard, out loud. It goes a little something like this:
In the last inning of the championship game, before taking the mound, All-Star pitcher Gail leans over to her catcher-friend Charlotte and says, “I’m going to put out the greatest pitch and win this game for us today.” They use this line as the original message to pass around to all the other children.
  • Kid 1 hears – I’m going to put a great pitch and win this game for us today.
  • Kid 2 hears – I’m going to put out a great pitch and win a game of trust play.
  • Kid 3 hears- I’m going out for a pitch and win a drum someday.
  • Kid 4 hears—Imma is going out with a rich bum today.
  • Kid 5 hears – Imma goes out to a rich mansion and does a drug bust with Kid n’ Play.
  • Kid 6, the final child in the circle, hears and says to the rest of the children – I’m going to take out that bitch and not trust her everyday.
Gail steps in and repeats her original quote. “I said…I’m going to put out the greatest pitch and win this game for us today.”
Be cautious and mindful of what you see and hear.  Things are not always as they seem or appear.

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