The Ebb and Flow of Joy


ebb and flow

A decline and increase, constant fluctuations. For example, He was fascinated by the ebb and flow of the Church’s influence over the centuries . This expression alludes to the inward and outward movement of ocean tides. (courtesy of

* * * * *

Life is tricky isn’t it? One day you are experiencing bouts of serious joy, excitement and a love of life. Next day…something or someone can alter your mood by a word, an action, or a post on Facebook. Staying in the flow of joy takes practice. Knowing all is well takes faith. Believing in yourself is a lifelong lesson of acceptance and self-love. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to have a melt down and throw a temper tantrum, don’t you?

We must experience sadness, hurt and feelings otherwise labeled as “negative” in order to better appreciate the positives when they occur. If life was always a cheery happy bowl of cherries we wouldn’t even recognize the happiness anymore. More of the same is not necessarily a good thing. I get all of  that. So why is it so difficult, when we’re going through those challenging bouts of self-doubt, hurt, anger and more, to find the “good feeling” place?
Today I am experiencing the feeling of someone ripping off the scab of a wound that I thought was healed. Why do I allow that to happen? Do I still need to practice forgiveness? Honor my own personal achievements? Focus on what I DO have and not what I DON’T have? Okay, okay I know! The answer is D…All of the above.
Tell me, how do you handle the ebb and flow of emotion? I am interested in others’ practices in case there is something I haven’t thought of. After what occurred today, I took action. I got out of myself and reached out to other people to acknowledge them. I took action on a dream I have by getting in touch with some people who just may be able to help me make it come true. And I accepted a random compliment from someone I know and decided to hold it close to my heart.
Today’s Note From the Universe was a grand one. Insert YOUR name in the blanks as you read the note below. For the rest of today I will flow with my ebb, focus on the goodness that surrounds me, play a game with my child, and have faitth that “everything will turn out grand”…and do my best to keep smiling.
Read on…..
While a child attending kindergarten _______, cannot fully comprehend all the priceless reasons they are there – to socialize, make friends, grow, and prepare for ever higher realms of awareness – by that age they can, nevertheless, sense and grasp that their wise and doting parents have kept their very best interests in mind, and that is enough. Because with this awareness, they can at least stop trying to figure everything out and simply start enjoying their hand painting, alphabet lessons, and cat-naps. Knowing that even if they break a crayon or some lad pulls a chair out from under them, they’re still exactly where they should be, everything is going to turn out just grand, and everyone back home is as proud as can be. And oh my goodness, _________, we are so proud of you. Do I “over-dote”?  The Universe

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