Joy…in Tea.

Finding joy doesn’t always have to come from the big things. Sometimes that little squeal of delight can be released as a result of something small, but equally as thrilling, as some of life’s larger events.

Several years ago, as a Christmas gift, I took my mother, my two daughters and my three nieces to High Tea. All the girls dressed up and we sat together as a family enjoying the tea fare….finger sandwiches, salads, cookies, a variety of oh-so-yummy desserts, and of course….tea. Each person at the table was able to choose from a wide array of tea options. While I can’t remember what any of the girls chose, or even what I selected, I do remember my mother chose the apricot tea. That tea was one of the most delicious teas I’d ever tasted.

Since that time, and it’s been many years since then, I have searched for an apricot tea to keep in my pantry. Trust me, it is not an easy find!

Today my daughter Samantha and I had to make another long trek to Lancaster for ONE single solitary soccer game. That’s an hour and 45 minute drive each way! Since it was just the two of us and we had no place to be after the game, we stopped at this little place called Charlie Brown Farms on the way back home. This place is chock full of foods, snacks, candies, gift items, fudge, a real barrel of dill pickles, a deli, fresh fruits and veggies, soft drinks you’ve never heard of, beef jerky, coffees…..and tea! And guess what I found while I was there? Yep…a box of apricot tea. Ask my daughter….I literally did let out a little squeal. It was a moment of joy that will continue each time I brew myself a cup.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that make you feel the happiest. Wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. Yes, I would agree! It IS the little things that come together to bring us the most joy!


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