Embracing my Joy through Simplicity.

I consider today a good one. I kept it simple, easy, and did things for myself that make me feel good.

I started the day with a deee-licious shake made up of freshly-squeezed fruits and veggies.

Taught an invigorating Zumba class to a room full of happy women who worked it out!

Post-Zumba class I shared a meal with my BFF and her mom. We ate at one of the oldest restaurants in town. Walking into this place felt as if I’d stepped back in time. It was truly a “diner” and it delighted me to no end.

We followed up lunch with a little shopping. I bought myself a much needed summer dress and a pair of shoes. (also much needed…I rarely treat myself…I have kids.)

Enjoyed a shower and let my hair dry on it’s own in today’s scorching 95 degree heat.

Caught up with my kids when they got home from school.

Napped for 30 minutes.

Ate a handful of cookies. 🙂

Watched a little Ellen while knitting.

Decided to write this blog.

And now…I shall settle in with a glass of wine, perhaps a movie and the satisfaction of a day lived joyfully, simply and true to who I am.

How very joyful.


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