Warning: Angry Woman

Tonight I am angry. I feel angry at my family for something that was brought to my attention about feeling “left out.” And oh-my-goodness I just want to scream!!!

This is a senseless post. It’s out of character of my normal desire of finding your joy. But perhaps there is a lesson in here I need to learn. As the anger subsides, I hope to learn the lesson and addess that which needs addressing, But for now, I am just angry and I needed to type it out. I don’t want pity. I don’t want hugs. I simply want to experience my anger, think about it, dwell on it, come up with some really juicy comebacks I’ll probably never use and then hopefully soon move past it.

Being aware of what I’m feeling right now makes me fully aware of how to BE there for someone else who is angry. Don’t friggin’ try to talk them out of it. Let them feel the anger. Let ME feel my anger and frustration. Offer to be angry with me (but only for a short while because really I need you to be love…but for a few minutes…be my friend and get pissed off with me). Anger is a real feeling. I get that right now. If I lived in this moment¬†forever I would totally tell the culprit of my anger to take a flying hike off a tall cliff and never speak to me again. Right now, I could care less about you, your misguided feelings, your insecurities and all the rest of your crap you’ve taught me to live with but now are somehow changing the rules. But I know that’s not me and I will somehow pass through this anger back to love and acceptance.

But for now, in this moment, watch out. Angry woman inside!!!!


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