If You Can Draw It, You Can Live It.

Illustrated Discovery Journal – a creative way to focus your mind and centralize your efforts on the things you want to bring into your life and reality. I learned about this idea through Sarah Breathnach, author of “Simple Abundance.” I’ve kept journals, I write occasionally (not as often as possible) and in the past I’ve created vision boards. The idea of this journal, however, intrigued me more than the others. Especially after reading a SARK book or two (she’s so clever, creative and incredibly unique in her writing style). I felt it would offer me a little more ongoing “creativity” — a reflection of my ever-changing Gemini personality and moods, complete with pictures, words and whatever else came to mind. So, I bought an artist’s sketch diary and began my journal, combining words and pictures to depict whatever I was feeling at the moment.

The second page of my journal is the picture you see above.  I don’t remember why I drew it, but I believe it was one of those times when more people wanted to take a Zumba Fitness class
than the room at my gym would allow. Those times have caused me a lot of frustration. Since I can’t fix it, I came home and drew a picture of what I want. The illustration is of me on stage, teaching Zumba to 100+ plus participants (represented by stick figures…and I think I actually counted out 100 of them..maybe more).

This past weekend I was a guest instructor for “Zumba in da Club” at Pala Casino. The event was so fabulous. I shared the evening with several of my students and friends who came down to participate in the fun. They cheered me on when I took the stage, and a few of them even came up and danced alongside me. I can’t express to you with the appropriate words how much I enjoyed that evening. But at one point, as I was up there leading the crowd inside Club Infinity, suddenly the picture in my journal flashed into my mind. I realized at that moment….my dream had just come true. Here I am on stage, doing Zumba before a crowd of hundreds, dancing, performing and being the ham that I am to people who LOVE Zumba as much as I do! I couldn’t believe it! Well I could, but I couldn’t…you know what I mean? When miracles occur, as much as I expect them every day, I’m still taken aback when they happen!

I love this journal. I would encourage you to start one. There are no rules (which is why it is totally appealing to me.) Write or draw when you feel the urge. Good, bad or indifferent. You don’ t have to be an artist (example: my stick figures above are NOT art…just a depiction…and that’s good enough for me!) Don’t let the voices stop you. You know the ones…the ones that tell you your idea is stupid, that they will never come true, who the hell do you think you are to deserve this? Do you have dreams? Plans? Desires? Wishes? Ideas? Just…keep…writing…and…drawing. You never know right?

You may just find yourself on the stage of your dreams, living them!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so sad that I missed that important night in your life, but I was exactly where I needed to be so that I can make my dreams a reality. Limiting beliefs. Sucky little things aren’t they? And that’s what they are… little. Yet we give them so much power, until we decide, until we choose, otherwise. “I’d love to… but I’m not good at…” “I wish I could…” How often do we say those things. Just as you did with that picture, we have the power to manifest the things we want in our lives. If we think about the negative, even in thinking we don’t want the negative… we manifest the negative. You are such a role model and inspiration on how to live a positive life, and how to manifest the good. Thank you for spreading that message every day.


  2. Posted by Tammy on September 15, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Kim, as always God is using you more than you know. I used to do this exact same things years ago & found it so powerful. I guess I should get back to it. Thank you so much!


  3. Posted by Nona on September 16, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Love it!


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