Seek Out Believing Mirrors…Be a Believing Mirror

A few days ago I saw someone who, just by their mere presence in my life, causes me to experience unhealthy, negative feelings . I can literally feel the joy being sucked out of me. While I am a pretty accepting person, I have also come to accept that sometimes people just don’t click. And that’s okay. What it made me realize is how very much I treasure the people who fill me with joy and vitality and that those are the people I choose to surround myself with.

Ironically (or not), I am reading a new book called “The Creative Life” by Julia Cameron (author of “The Artist’s Way” – a book I’ve yet to finish). In “The Creative Life, Julia makes mention of a concept called “Believing Mirrors”. These are people in your life who see YOUR power and potential and reflect it back to you. I think that is the simplest definition. I was highly intrigued by this concept and did a little research, finding an article that has already been written and goes into more detal. So rather than come up with my own words, I simply want to share with you what I found. I hope you will find some value in this idea, and make it a point to not only seek out your own “Believing Mirrors”, but to BE a Believing Mirror to the people in your life. Life is simply way too short and precious to let the joy-suckers bring you down. Today, I am working on that idea and letting go of the negative words and energies from others who seem to take pleasure in trying to hurt you. Please enjoy the article! And thank, as always, for reading my meanderings. XOXO  –Kim


We all need people around us who see the beauty of our potential and believe in our capability. We need people who understand that the ultimate purpose of life is to flourish and fully display our unique magnificence. We need to see our highest self reflected in the eyes of someone who has faith in us. Julia Cameron calls such people “believing mirrors.” While it is tremendously encouraging and validating to have our self reflected in a believing mirror, it is equally gratifying to be that mirror for others. This is the beautiful, synchronistic relationship we hope to achieve as parents,
grandparents, teachers, mentors, personal coaches, spouses, muses, or friends. How do we invite more believing mirrors into our lives and how do we become such a clear reflection for others? Here are some of the important qualities of a believing mirror?

1. Believing mirrors are optimists who always see the cup as half full. Because they truly believe in the ultimate goodness of life and your ability to reach  your highest potential, there are no mistakes or failures, only lessons and opportunities for growth. They know for a fact that everything happens for a reason, and one’s purpose is only revealed by embracing the journey with all its twists and turns.

2. Believing mirrors are truth tellers. They reflect the reality of who you are, but always from the perspective of who you are yet to become. I love the picture of the little tabby cat looking into a mirror and seeing a full grown lion reflected back. Every kitten has the partial DNA of a lion. A truthful mirror will reflect both the heart of the lion and the potential for encasing that within the body of a kitten. The mirror’s honesty is always framed with  respect and polished with a generous heart.

3. Believing mirrors are clear and self- effacing. They do not muddle the picture with their own beliefs and ambitions. They do not project their needs and values upon you. Believing mirrors can step out of the way and provide the space and time for you to be center stage. They allow you to be both the director and the actor of the scene; plus they let you have as many rehearsals as you need.

4. Believing mirrors only reflect the present moment. Where you stand now is what you see. The past is not in the picture: the future is for you to forge. There is no ‘should of,’ could of,’ ‘would of,’ only what is. Standing before the mirror allows you to be fully in the present, which is after all the starting point for every next step.

5. Believing mirrors allow you to see the best of you. They reflect your strengths and capabilities, your gifts and talents, your divine essence and ultimate potential. They see through the make-up and blemishes and bear witness to your core. They reflect your true beauty!

To stand before a believing mirror is energizing, motivating, empowering, and validating. To be a believing mirror is fulfilling, satisfying, and inspiring. Together you experience the intuitive dance of a heartfelt connection. Often in life, you need to become what you seek. So practice being a believing mirror to the important people in your life and ask others to play that role for you. Purposefully, invite the grace and wisdom of believing mirrors into your life.

Copyright (c) 2008 Karin Marcus


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hmm, this is the third time mirrors have come up this week, and several other times in the past month. I love the descriptions. I’m writing a new blog about friendships right now, so this fits right in. One of my “believing mirror” friends had this to say yesterday in response to something I’d responded to her: “What’s very cool about what you say, is that if I am, so too are you. What you see, is what you recognize because it is part of yourself. You must be seeing your own brilliance. Well, I see it too.” You are a “believing mirror” for so many. Thank you for being and for sharing!


  2. Posted by nenen villarin on September 1, 2011 at 12:14 am

    Dear Kim,
    After reading all your article in your blog , my impression of you as a person has totally changed. All the while I was thinking that you were solely preoccupied with your Zumba career but then you are more than what i was expecting. You are absolutely a good writer and your thoughts are very transparent of your personality. I’m impressed!
    i enjoy reading all your musings and all are very informative and inspiring. As I was reading all your articles I tried to reflect on my life too and most of your thoughts are inconformity with mine. I like reading the article on “Seek out Believing Mirrors……”and I’m striving to achieve the qualities of a believing mirror because i believe to be able to Be a believing mirror to other people surrounding me I should be able to reconcile first with my own believing mirror.One of the lesson i learned among other things is to be able to view my mistakes in life as lessons learned.


  3. Posted by Donna on September 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    What a great thing. 🙂 You rock Kim!


  4. I first came across the term ‘believing mirror’ from another WordPress site a few years ago. Karin’s article is so comprehensive and well-written.Thank you for sharing it! Brightest & Magical Blessings to you, Kim! 🌛🙏💖🌟🌞 Om Shanti. Namaste.🙏🕉


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