Today I Shall Wear No Makeup.

Okay….I am finally willing to admit that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. <—-There…I said it.

But that does not mean I am discouraged. It means at this moment, I’m feeling as if I’ve taken on too much and need to stop the world for a moment. Even though every single thing I’m taking on excites me. I am putting together a Zumbathon for Breast Cancer event that I hope will bring much joy and fun to our community. With that goal in mind comes an extreme amount of planning and responsibility. I have a committee, and I am working on allowing that committee to do their assigned tasks and help me. I will not be a control freak. Nope…I won’t. Could you hold me to that?

I am starting children’s Zumba classes in 20 days through our local Parks & Recreation. I found out the brochure that is normally mailed out weeks in advance of classes will NOT be going out anytime soon. Therefore, if I want children in my children’s classes, the marketing and PR rests solely on my shoulders. No problem…I love marketing and PR. I’m just struggling with how much is too much before the entire neighborhood un-friends me on all social media sites. My intentions are good….get kids moving and having fun. To accomplish that, however, I need to talk about it.

In line with the breast cancer event, I want to plan a performance at a local mall to demonstrate what Zumba is, how much fun can be had, and with any luck, sell some tickets to the upcoming Zumbathon. More planning.

I am a guest instructor at an upcoming Zumba event at a local gym. Just a few songs. But it’s two hours on a Sunday, after I’ve already done a private event for a student for her Leukemia foundation. Again I reiterate…I’m EXCITED about each of these events, just wondering how I’m going to get it all done.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget I have a husband, two kids, soccer practices, laundry, dishes, dinner, dogs and my regular classes…and somewhere in there I need to shower occasionally….you know…because I sweat a lot at my job.

And finally, to all of the above I add about three different job offers for teaching Zumba. Do I go? Do I stay where I am? Am I missing opportunities? Am I greedy? I’m just waiting for the big, giant, bright neon sign to tell me what the answers are.

To keep my sanity I find moments of peace in:

  • Knitting and purling a few rows on a scarf I’m making.
  • Reading a paragraph in a book I’m reading.
  • Skim through a card-making magazine to see samples of beautiful cards I shall one day make.
  • Take a 20 minute nap.
  • Enjoy and savor a delicious cup of coffee.
  • And…today I shall not wear makeup. It seems like a simple way to feel like I’ve not taken on an unnecessary task.

I love my life. I love what’s coming. I love the events I have planned, the people in my life and most of all my job that allows me to be involved in so many delicious things. But….could you just give me another moment.





Enough writing….the moment is over. There are emails and text to answer and kids classes to market. This was a good moment. Thank you.




One response to this post.

  1. And now we exhale 🙂 Thank you Kim. Beautiful as always. Love you Girlie!


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