All Souls Day (a little early).

From the moment I woke up yesterday, I knew something wasn’t right. There was no joy. I felt no love. I had no desire to help anyone. If you know me, that’s not my personality at all. My coffee didn’t taste good and even my Zumba class was a bit of a struggle to get through. I made the conscious decision to disconnect from the world as much as I could and love myself the rest of the day.

I sent out one tweet the entire day. Only one. Again, if you know me, that was an amazing feat. Facebook replies were minimal, if at all. And the only reason I checked my Blackberry is because I have children and an active real estate business. Other than that, I had no desire to talk, chat or text with anyone. I also had no desire to fulfill my responsibilities. It was, quite literally, one of those days when I could have jumped in my car and driven to wherever the full tank of gas took me for a much needed escape from my own life. I felt the need to be completely alone with whatever was going on in my head and body. I didn’t necessarily feel the need to figure out “why” I was feeling this way. Mostly I wanted to “lay like broccoli”(one of my favorite lines from the movie Pretty Woman) and just BE.

The majority of my afternoon was spent in purge and organize mode. My home was rid of four boxes and two trash bags full of crap. I cleaned my daughter’s room and scrubbed her carpets. I vacuumed, cleaned, threw away and spent time organizing what I could with the allotted time I had. That act in itself was very soothing. The rest of the day I ate, drank tea, spent time on my knitting and relaxed. I did manage to shop and cook for dinner so I wasn’t a complete bonehead of a wife and mother, just for the record. And thankfully……oh so thankfully….my husband came home from work early and handled the 7:00 p.m. soccer game duty for me. I can’t sing my praises loud enough for that one. At the end of the day I was dead asleep by 8:30 p.m.

Today’s reading in my Simple Abundance book it says that today, November 2nd, is All Souls Day. It reads, “All Souls’ Day is a solemn day set aside since the Middle Ages for remembrance of the beloveds who no longer laugh and cry with us on earth. But All Souls’ Day is a beautiful occasion for contemplating how we care for our own souls.”

Since I don’t like being late for anything, my All Souls’ Day was yesterday. Knowing instinctively that it was a necessary day of caring for myself and my aching soul is something I’m quite proud of, even if I was a day early for the event. I guess what I’m saying is even the most joyful of people have moments of complete indifference. I would never want to stay long in this place – I rather enjoy JOY, laughter, people, sharing, caring, giving and making a contribution. But there is indeed something to be said for stepping back, hoarding time for yourself and refueling your mind, body and soul. Let this post serve as a reminder to all of you….it’s okay to love yourself and be a little selfish with your time and energy. The world will actually benefit MORE when you do allow these moments in.

Today I’m Kimmie again, and ready to give you the loving arms and support that YOU deserve to feel good about who you are. Thank you for giving me a day of soulful rest.


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  1. Posted by Ms. Carol on November 2, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    I read your blog, I actually have time. You write beautifully. Ya know, you just need to stay away from Social Media Sites sometimes, you just get sucked in deeper and deeper. That was what was happening to me. I’m glad I have two kids to watch now, I have a purpose and not so much time to play. It feels good. So good for you to take a day off. I’m always reading your post and I’m glad you are doing well with your classes. Take Care


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