I want to share a job with you.

I’ve done a few gigs with this company and they do some seriously fun stuff. If you are looking for a job and have what they are seeking, this could be your lucky day. 🙂
I believe they are in San Francisco, but I’m not sure if the job is limited to that location or not. Here’s the info: —Kim (P.S. Good luck if you apply!!)

The Go Game is hiring a new full-time Game Runner! This position will see you flying all over the country (with a suitcase full of cell phones, cameras and silly costumes), on a missions of utmost importance: bringing the fun to companies of all shapes and sizes. You will produce and execute wildly entertaining, high-tech scavenger hunts for the poor, huddled, cubicled masses. Sometimes they carry you out on their shoulders because the game is that fun and you’re (we hope) that awesome.

Before they build a shrine to you though, you’re responsible for all phases of client management, event planning and content creation. You will be part Julie McCoy, part McGyver and part Stephen Colbert. In other words, organized, resourceful and funny. You get to manage your own time, create your own schedule and use your creativity to the fullest!

We’re a small business located in the Mission District (Treat Avenue and 18th) with a very informal and extremely fast-paced work environment. The position of Game Producer is responsible for executing outstanding Go Game events! Game Producers will be solely accountable for all phases of planning and executing memorable games, including creating original content, managing clients and running events onsite. In addition to events, Game Producers will be expected to contribute to the daily office tasks.

The ideal candidate should be:

– Comfortable speaking in front of large groups, calm under pressure and creative
– Interested in interactive gaming and/or team building
– Self directed, quick learner, strong work ethic
– Highly organized
– Team player
– Proficient in Photoshop and the Microsoft Suite
– Experienced with Audio Visual equipment
– College Graduate (recent graduates encouraged to apply!)
– Vehicle owner a plus
– Background in acting or performance a plus
– Background in event planning/production a plus


– Flexible schedule including travel and work on weekends. During busy seasons, travel up to 10 days a month may be necessary.
– Ability to lift up to fifty pounds


– $3700/month
– $500 monthly bonus eligibility after training and evaluation period of 2 months
– 401K, pending training/evalution
– Health Insurance, pending training/evalution
– Flexible Spending Account

Please send resumes to michelle@thegogame.com, subject line should include your name, “Game Producer” and best contact phone number. All emails should include a cover letter as to why you would make an awesome Game Producer.


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  1. Posted by Cristi Martinez on October 5, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    You are an incredible woman Kim! You inspire me! love you!


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