So listen….. I have this desire. You may have it too. I think we all sort of share a little piece of this wish. What is it?

I want to make a difference.

I want to believe that someone or something was better having known me or having come in contact with me. I don’t want to save the planet, solve the budget crisis, or aid in the endangered mountain gorilla problem. I simply want to know that something I said, did, or didn’t do for that matter helped someone. Even if that means my leaving a room (ha ha). Hey let’s be honest, sometimes I help people by not being around them. I can’t please everyone.

If you know anything about me, either personally, through Facebook, Twitter or some other means, you know I recently acquired a deep love for Zumba Fitness. I give credit where it’s due to a long time friend of mine, Colleen Aoys, with whom I reconnected with not much more than a year ago. She recommended I try a Zumba class. The rest is history and discussed elsewhere. (my Zumba Experience). But suffice it to say, I think about Zumba all~the~time!

A few days ago, a lovely woman I follow on Twitter, posted one of her 140 character messages and my name happened to be mentioned. Being the self-centered, slightly narcissistic person I am (oh come on…you would have checked too!) I went and read what she posted so I could see my name and what she wrote about me. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. But once I read it, I had chills. Literally. In that next moment, having read what she wrote, I knew I was on the right path of spreading the joy, specifically where Zumba is concerned. There are times when I think I talk about Zumba too much. You know, the old Kim starts getting worried that she’s annoying people and bothering them with her words and nonsense. But the new Kim, the stronger, more confident, more joyful one…really doesn’t care. Don’t like what I post? Move on to someone else’s post. Or delete me altogether if what I say is a nuisance. It’s okay.

More importantly, though, I was THRILLED to see that something I said encouraged someone I don’t even know to take some action toward loving herself more, enjoying life more, and being willing to shake her tail feathers a little in this life of hers.

That being said, I am going to give you a little taste of what was written. But I’d like to ask a favor of you. Would you please continue reading on about this lovely woman’s story and visit her full blogpost? I would appreciate it very much if you would do that for me. You can read the entire blogpost right here.

I’d like you to have a full read because…maybe…just maybe…you too are looking to make a difference, either to others, or (gasp!) just to yourself. Could you use a little “transformation” right now? Are you willing to make yourself just a wee bit uncomfortable and possibly discover a new interest? Is there something your soul is yearning for, but you just can’t quite put your finger on what it is? My hope is this story will inspire you to take one teensy tiny step toward greater joy. It’s your life friend. No one else is going to do it for you.

So without further ado….I give you a little of SYda’s Siftings….
“Kim Jenkins is passionate about Zumba and inspired me to give it a try…….There’s a definite transformation taking place and all because I took a deep breath and signed up for a Zumba class. I was one of those women who figured she’d take an exercise class–after–she got into shape. Can’t got to a gym fat. LOL. Going to Zumba, giving myself permission to look silly, make mistaeks, admit I have no idea what I’m doing yet still doing it has awakened the beginnings of self confidence, allowed me to have fun and discover a way to experience even more vibrant joy.”

Keep reading…..


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