My kids are listening!!!

I am a people pleaser. I love to see people happy and content. If people aren’t having fun or enjoying themselves, I tend to take it personal and want to find ways to make them happy. That is….until recently. I don’t know if that part of my personality will ever fully go away. I’m not even sure I want it to. But…it did take me almost 40 years of my life to realize that MY happiness is solely dependent on ME, not on someone else “making” me happy. Because I’ve finally learned this, I do a lot of talking about it in our home. Create your own happiness dear daughters of mine. Do not depend on others or you will always be lacking joy.

That being said, my 10 year old daughter comes home from her first day in sixth grade. One of her homework assignments is to fill out a job application for the classroom. She is applying for the Utility Manager position, which means she is responsible for making sure people push their chairs in before leaving (a big deal in our own home!). The question asks, “In 3-5 sentences explain why you would be a good candidate for this classroom job. Include any past experience or job skills you have learned at home which would help you fulfill the duties of this position.”

She answers…..

“I am good for this job because I am organized and because my mother always makes us push in our chairs after dinner. I am also good for this job because if someone gets mad at me for fining them, I won’t care because being mad at me is not my responsibility, it is theirs. If they don’t want to get fined then they should be responsible and push in their chairs. They can get mad at me, but that won’t affect my happiness or my job.”

I am weeping with pride. Oh how I wished I’d learned this at the age of 10!!

One proud mama is what I am.


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