Birthday Gifts. All I Need is This.

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 45. That’s half of 90. (LOL!) But I feel about 25, seriously. I have more energy and enthusiasm for life than any other time I can remember. But…that is a whole other blog post in itself. Today, I want to share the most precious thing I received yesterday. A birthday card from my TEENAGE daughter. Yes…she’s almost 15.

I’ve heard so many people complain over the years about teenagers and how horrible they are. You know what? They’re right. NO, NO, NO I’m just kidding. They are quite awesome. Depends on how you treat them, listen to them, respect them…and most importantly (in my book)….allow. them. to. be. who. they. are!

When I had my daughter 15 years ago, I knew she and I would have a relationship like no other. She holds a uniquely special place in my heart and I protect it as I would anything of value….100x over! I never try to change who she is. I coach her. I offer suggestions. I help to open her mind to the possibilities. I also spend a lot of time with her. We talk about many subjects…subjects that other parents wouldn’t feel so comfortable talking about. I never tell her things are “right” or “wrong”, but that every action has a consequence. And I ask her if she is willing to accept certain consequences. Sometimes it feels like she doesn’t hear me. Other times something comes out of her mouth and I can tell she HAS been listening. There’s no rhyme or reason, but what I do know is she loves me and I her. We are fortunate indeed.

Yesterday for my birthday, I received a handmade card from her. And today, I want to share her words because, above all else, what she says makes me realize I’ve done pretty okay as a parent. If God decides to take my life tomorrow, I will go into the next dimension with peace in my heart knowing I made a difference in the life of a child. My child. And if you recall from a previous blogpost of mine, that means a whole lot to me.

With that…I present to you…my card.

“To my biggest inspiration.
For the last 14 years of my life, you have taught me so much. You inspire me to do things that I would have never tried before. You fight with me through tough situations and are always there for me in the end. I look at other moms and think, “There is no mom that can beat mine.” We’ve loved, fought, cried, and shared special moments. You aren’t just a mom to me, you’re my best friend. Love you always, Sammie”


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