Vegas Vacation

The day after Christmas, my two girls, a best friend, and myself left for Las Vegas. We had a 2pm deadline to meet (more on that later) so we were up and on the road by 5:45 am. I’m not sure how, but we made it to my dad’s vacation home in NW Las Vegas in 3 hours and 15 minutes!

Having somewhere to go immediately following the hoopla of Christmas was a true gift. The trip helped to draw out the holiday in several ways and avoid the usual post-Christmas letdown. I honestly have no idea how we made it to our destination in such a short amount of time. My usual drive time to the Strip is about 3-1/2 hours. So either I had serious lead-foot syndrome, or… extreme engagement in loud singing to both Glee soundtracks had me in some sort of trance-like, speed-hovering ability that I was not aware of.

On the day of our arrival, we were to be at the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip to participate in a meet and greet with two members of the boy band, Varsity Fanclub. My daughter and her friend LOVE this group so we drive all over the place to see them perform….which includes Las Vegas. There were no performances on this day, merely a chance for my girls to connect with Jayk Purdy and Drew Ryan Scott. Google them for fun – they’re adorable young men with captivating talent.

I love Las Vegas. Not in the usual way most people love Las Vegas. I don’t gamble. I don’t see shows. I don’t drink in excess, smoke or party (wow…do I sound boring!). No, I love coming to Las Vegas to enjoy the escape from my busy world. My father’s home, also his escape, sits on Silverstone Ranch golf course, overlooking beautiful greens and spectacular desert mountainscapes. Looking out the large picture window each morning, hot coffee in hand, is a delight to be savored. Here in this home, I can relax, stay up late, sleep in late, sit around, watch movies or…do nothing. There is no laundry, no menu planning, no soccer practice or games, no client appointments, no dogs to feed, carpets to vacumn, dishes to wash, kids to get to school or meetings to attend. It’s heaven on earth and only a short drive to get there.

Somehow, being in this place also connects me to my father. He loves this house in Vegas. He and his wife get out there as often as possible to relax and escape the rigors of their busy lives as well. My dad and I don’t have the deepest of relationships. Our conversations are short and to the point without a lot of deep insight or feelings. I long for it, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have the kind of father/daughter talks you see in the movies or on sitcoms where dear daughter shares her desires and fears with her daddy and he always comforts her no matter what. That, however, is not my reality. What I have learned is to take what is offered, accept that it is what it is, and work with what I have. If I continue to wish for something more, it leaves a hole in my soul. Instead, I listen to what is important to him, participate in conversation and activities and express my gratitude for what I am given. I’ve learned to understand that people give what they are capable of giving and express their love in ways comfortable for them. And that’s okay. If we always yearn for more or different, we put the other person in a place of being “wrong”….and that’s not how I choose to be. Being in his home that he loves and appreciates fills me and connects me to him in a way I can’t fully explain. Do you get that?

The girls and I enjoyed four great days in Vegas. One of those days they chose to ride the roller coaster at the New York, New York hotel for literally nine hours straight. During that time, I came back to the house, completely alone (say ahhhhhh!) and watched two movies I’ve been eager to see. Friends, it was h-e-a-v-e-n. I relaxed and disengaged from life’s demands. Getting away from the norm is something I highly encourage you to try as well. At times I had huge insights, moments of feeling lit up with enthusiam, and a willingness to come home and get back to “life.”

Do you need a breather like that? Where could you go to chill for a few days, a few hours, a few minutes? Find that place….and go. Figure it out. Call friends to watch the kids, feed the dogs and otherwise create a space for you to disengage. The results can be magical and rejuvenating. If you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear about your retreat. Write me —>

Wishing you love, peace and a temporary way out,


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  1. Posted by Stacey on December 31, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    I have the same sort of relationship with my father. You have given me a different perspective on it though.

    I’m glad you and the girls had a good “breather” in Vegas. I really enjoyed the pictures.


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