Beach Ball: A reminder for gratitude

I used to walk around with this great attitude of abundance being everywhere in my little world.  I treasured every little penny I found, which often led to finding more sizable coinage. I believed and therefore received that delicious corner parking spot. I even looked forward to those juicy cashable checks that would often appear in my mailbox. I swear to you…these things happened often. Like so many though, I started buying into this “economy”, feeling the squeeze, fearing the future and basically coming from a place of lack. Ugh! What a horrible place to be!

Last week I read something, somewhere (as I often do) and decided that every little penny I found would once again become something of significance in my life. That led to a grander feeling of being back in appreciation for everything that comes my way. I also decided to start playing the “bonus” game again with my kids. The bonus game is simple: you acknowledge a sense of gratitude for what little (or big!) things show up in your life as evidence of abundance….whether it be a penny, a shiny marble, a beautiful fall leaf, or in our case, a beach ball.

This past weekend as my girls and I were driving to the ice cream store, I saw this large colorful beach ball sitting in the gutter. It was fabulous…so puffy and bright! From about 200 yards away I yelled, “Look a beach ball” and both of my girls (ages 10 & 14 mind you) encouraged me to stop and get it. So we did. I slowed down, pulled over, and my oldest hopped out of the car and grabbed the beach ball. When she got back into the car, I said, “That’s our bonus for the day” to which her reply was, “How long has it been since we played THAT game?”  She was so right, and I quickly added how we were starting it back up again. Both of them seemed delighted.

Thank you universe for our happy beach ball that reminds us that life can be fun, bouncy and full of surprises if we keep our hearts and minds in a place of allowing and gratitude. This very morning while sorting through one of my “piles”, I found two old checks totalling $115.00 that I never cashed. I also received an email from a fellow associate with a new homebuyer lead.

Coincidence? I think not.  So…get grateful, get happy and be open to all that is good, delicious and wonderful. You may be surprised at how much more of it shows up in your life.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Kim,

    I absolutely love this idea and would be honored if you let me post this article on Think Pink. What a wonderful game to create with you kids- AWESOME!



  2. Posted by lesleehorner on October 13, 2009 at 1:38 am

    What a great post, Kim! I love this and it is a good reminder. I will start doing this with my girls!


  3. Posted by Nona on January 2, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    LOA!!! aww, I needed to read this today. I’ve been feeling a little bit in a funk lately and I’ve been telling myself..its the move, its the new job, it will pass. In my irrational head, I’ve been feeling a little hopeless…that our life will never amount to more than what we have right now. So not like me. you have reminded me that I have totally neglected all the good practices that has kept us moving in the right direction…..gratitude, random acts of kindness, collecting quotes, finding the God Winks, declaring Divine Order…all that good stuff. Thanks for giving me the little nudge…no accident you asked me to read your blog…lol:)


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